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DoriQuest, Inc., has developed a new product that will dramatically improve safety and protect the lives of America’s emergency responders and armed forces serving in dangerous locations on urban and non-urban roadways. PASZ, an acronym for Portable Area Safety Zoning, consists of a specialized hardware, accompanied by an exclusive methodology, that enables its user to rapidly deploy a unique tool best suited for time critical emergency evacuations, surveillance checkpoints, and/or simulated landing runways on unmarked terrains.

DoriQuest feels the PASZ system is a viable application that will provide an extra layer of safety and security for state and federal personnel working in harm’s way on a daily basis. We welcome the opportunity to provide your industry with the PASZ kit experience. Whether needing to develop a comprehensive evacuation plan for your region and/or institution with manageable traffic continuity; or whether needing to instantly set up a portable manned (or unmanned) checkpoint at multiple locations; or whether needing to simulate an air landing field on unmarked terrain, let DoriQuest share this innovative solution with you.

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Recent News

June 15, 2009
DoriQuest launches new web presence

June 1, 2009
Doriquest acquired 2nd patent on PASZ technology

December 1, 2005
DoriQuest Acquired 1st Patent on PASZ technology

April 2, 2005
DoriQuest selected to participates in an OLETC program

February 26, 2001
DoriQuest is established as a C-Corp entity